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Contact Us - Peru Top Ten

Why Buy a Travel Insurance

While vacationing, are you prepared for the unexpected?

Whether it's simply a weekend getaway with friends or your annual family vacation, be sure you have planned for the what-ifs. Having a travel insurance plan can help assure you're ready for the unexpected. No matter how much thought and planning goes into your vacation, there is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances that may interrupt your getaway such as a medical emergency.

Travel Assistance Plan in Peru


Foreing and National

Coverage Area

Peru (*)

Maximum age limit

Up to 75 Years

Medical assistance for illness, up to

US $ 10,000 **

Medical assistance for accident, up to

US $ 10,000 **

Medical assistance for pre- existing illness

US $ 500

Medicines for illness or accident

US $ 500

Emergency dental expenses, up to

US $ 500

Hotel expenses for convalescence, up to

US $ 100 per day up to 5 days

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Included in Peru

Transfer of a family member for hospitalization of the holder


Higher cost of return ticket


Early return due to death of an immediate family member


Advance of funds for bail up to

US $ 5,000

Advance legal funds in case of accident, up to

US $ 2,500

Personal accident insurance (public transport) applies to 74 years with 365 days

US $ 10,000 ***

Location of baggage loss


Pregnancy up to 26 weeks


Transfer of a substitute Executive



* Valid for Peruvian residents over 100 Kms of residence / valid for foreigners in Peruvian Territory only

** Complementary to the Passenger's State or private Health plan

*** Only for Peruvian Residents

More information and detailed of Plan

AXA Travel Assistance Plan for Peru - Rates per person in US Dollar


1 Passenger

2 or more passengers


$ 16

$ 13


$ 27

$ 21


$ 53

$ 42


$ 85

$ 67


$ 116

$ 93


$ 159

$ 127


$ 238

$ 190


$ 317

$ 253

Additional day

$ 5.30

$ 4.00


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