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Ica City

Ica city is located in the central coast, 406 meters above sea level (1,332 feet), 202 miles (325 Km) south of Lima, 47 miles (75 Km) from Paracas and 84 miles (135 Km) from Nazca.

Ica city was founded in 1536 by the Spaniard Jerónimo de Cabrera. He gave the name of "Villa de Valverde". The city was in the middle of a fertile valley. Before its foundation, the Spaniards planted grapes brought from Canary Islands (Spain) and then began the tradition of the wine and the pisco.


Valley of Mysteries and Good Pisco

Ica boasts characteristic dunes and a vast desert etched with enigmatic figures, the Nazca Lines, transformed into fertile fields by ancient cultures: The Paracas and the Nazca. Land of valleys, sun, beaches and a Natural Reserve inhabited by a lush variety of flora and fauna, it is also a mysterious land of villages, home of fine wine and "pisco", Afro-Peruvian music, and an oasis like the Huacachina, a patch of life in the heart of a blanket of sand.

Tacama Vineyard

Tacama Vineyard: 7 Km (4 miles) northeast of Ica city (45 minutes). Visiting hours: Mon. – Sun. 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. It is dedicated to the elaboration of wine and pisco. It was owned by the Jesuits during Colonial times, and the mansion and the old stables of the epoch still remain.

Guided Tours


"In the decade of the 1540's Francisco de Carabantes created the Tacama Vineyard, which is the oldest in Peru, and from where the grapevine was disseminated to Chile and Argentina."

History of the Chilean Wine, José del Pozo.

It is a pleasure to offer special guided tours to our vineyard and winery in the valley of Ica. Tacama is known for its wines, sparkling wines and piscos, but Tacama is also about its beautiful place.

Tacama is special because of its history: it is one of the oldest vineyards of America. Even today, it is irrigated by a canal built in the 15th Century by the Inca Pachacutec –known as the Achirana del Inca– that was immortalized by Ricardo Palma, as one of its marvelous traditions. The one hundred years old huarango wine press with which the juice of the grapes was extracted to make wines, piscos and sparkling wines in the area can be seen in the Tacama winery today.

Tacama is also special because of its location in the upper part of the Valley of Ica, where the vineyard operates as an observation point from where one can view nature as far as the eye can see, where a sea of vines dies at the foot of the Andes mountains and which, in Tacama, can be seen getting smaller and smaller until they turn into sand dunes and finally into desert.

Tacama is also special for its architecture. It is one of the few places in Peru where an old hacienda with all its typical elements, the avenue of trees, the patio, the arches, the church, the belfry, the stables and, even, many of its traditions have survived.

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    Tacama Vineyard - Ica, Peru

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