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In Ica department, Andean man from the coast changed the constraints of the desert into life-giving opportunities through enhanced knowledge and technology that allowed him to make the best possible use of harsh water and weather conditions.

Also, the art of these people flooded the monotonous landscape with color and profound enigmas. Ica, the department capital, located 300 Km. south of Lima and 104 Km. north of Nazca City, can be reached along the Pan-American highway. The region can be visited throughout the year, because its warm weather (an annual average of 24°C) is amazingly bright and stable.

Antonini Didactic Museum

Located in Avenida La Cultura N° 600, East side of Nazca City.

Visiting hours: Mon. – Sun. 9:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. Entrance fee.

The Antonini Museum was inaugurated on 7th July 1999, and today has on display over 300 ancient pieces from the Nazca Culture.

A collection of archaeological pieces of the different stages of the Nazca culture as well as trophy heads, musical instruments like pan flutes, textiles, mummies, etc. are exhibited in this museum.

These discoveries are the result of the excavations done in Cahuachi since 1982, the largest mud maid ceremonial center in the world by Italian archaeologist Giussepe Orefici.

The museum also provides the chance to see the Bisambra canal, which shows the magnificent hydraulic engineering work of the Nazcas.