Butterflies of Tambopata National Reserve

Photo Gallery of Butterflies of Tambopata National Reserve

Peru boasts the greatest number of butterfly species in the world (some 3700) and you can see many of them in Tambopata National Reserve (1,234 species of butterfly)

There are also displays on rainforest conservation. Butterflies are nice, and you’ll see lots of species for free in the jungle proper.

For those in the know, to talk about butterflies is to talk about Peru.

One of every five species of butterflies in the world is found here.

However, more than just another world record of biodiversity, this constitutes one more reason to encourage nature lovers to take a journey through the Peruvian forests.

The amazing biodiversity of the Tambopata's Amazon rainforest guarantees sights of strange and beautiful creatures like the Morpho butterfly every time you go for a hike at Posada Amazonas Lodge and / or Refugio Amazonas Lodge.

You can walk along the same trail every day for a week and see different birds, insects, and animals every single time.

Wildlife Sightings in Tambopata National Reserve

The best place to bird and wildlife watchers. Tambopata National Reserve is the most visited area in Madre de Dios, home to one of the richest ecosystems in the world and offers a unique experience for those who want to discover the Amazon rainforest. It boasts an incalculable wealth of biodiversity: 900 species of bird have been discovered in the area, along with 1,234 species of butterfly, 94 types of fish, 127 amphibians and 74 reptiles.

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