Lares Trek to Machu Picchu (4 days / 3 nights)

Lares Trek to Machu Picchu 4 days Tour Package

The Lares Trek is an excellent alternative to the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Taking you off the beaten track with visits to authentic Andean communities whilst being surrounded by stunning mountains, lakes and valleys this fabulous trek offers a real insight in to the lives of the people of Cuzco as it once was.

Passing green valleys, tranquil mountain lakes and high passes, with breathtaking views of snow-capped Andean peaks rising to just under 6,000 m.a.s.l. Our route takes us through many small village communities that offer a rare & fascinating insight into traditional Andean life. Finally we make our way by train to Machu Picchu Town and continue on to Machu Picchu Inca City. For that reason it is considered one of the best package in Cuzco.

The route we offer starts in the village of Pumahuanca in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and finishes in the hot springs of Lares with a visit to the village of Cuncani along the way. On Day 3 of the trek you take a bus from Lares to Ollantaytambo and then carry on by train to Machu Picchu.


Level: Moderate, though still difficult if you have average fitness - No experience needed
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Location: Vilcanota Mountain Range, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Lares Valley and Machu Picchu
Altitude: 2850 - 4400 m.a.s.l. / 9350 - 14436 f.
Season: Recommended between March to November.
Group Size: Maximum 12

Outdoor Tours in Cuzco - The tour package includes:

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Bus transfers from Cuzco to Lares and Ollantaytambo to Cuzco

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Train Tickets Ollantaytambo / Machu Picchu / Ollantaytambo - Expedition Class

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1 night accommodation in Machu Picchu

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Lares Trek 3 days / 2 nights with meals (3 breakfast, 3 lunchs and 3 diners)

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Entrance fee to Machu Picchu

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Professional bilingual mountain guide (Spanish and English)

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Camping equipment (professional two-persons tents: Doite, model Cima 4, extra light / 4kg, Doite, model Kailas 3, extra light / 4.5kg and Doite, model Himalaya, extra light / 4.5kg; sleeping mats, dining tent equipped with a table and chairs, a sanitary tent)

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Cook, cooking equipment, meals (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners). Food includes pancakes, omelettes, soups, fresh fruit and spaghetti, chicken, fish, meat and rice, all rich in carbohydrates and very suitable for trekking, hot drinks including coca leafs tea, which is excellent for the altitude

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Tea and snack time every day (tea, coffee, wantan, pop corn, cracker).

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Porters to carry the main luggage (all the equipment and cooking stock)

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First-aid kit and oxygen bottle

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Porters to carry the mattress and sleeping bag.

Domestic Flight in Peru

Optional flight tickets or bus tickets

AXA Travel Assistant

Optional AXA Travel Assistant

Itinerary - Lares Trek to Machu Picchu (4 days / 3 nights)

Departure Days: Any day with two people. We offer affordable priced tours for 2 people so that you can depart when it suits you best.


Day 1: Cuzco – Huaca Casi pass – Lares Hot Springs – Huacawasi

  • At approximately 6 am we will pick you up at your hotel to set course to the village of Lares where we will start hiking.

  • During this journey we will make a stop in the village of Calca, where you will be able to visit the local market and buy breakfast or other supplies you forgot.

  • Your guide might advise you to buy some bread to hand out to the children you will meet during the trek.

  • When arriving at Lares we will visit the hot springs where you will be able to enjoy the hot water while our cooks prepare a wonderful lunch.

  • After lunch we will start our hike towards the first campsite in Huacawasi (3600 m / 11811 f).

  • During 3 hours you will walk gradually uphill so that you get a good training for the next day when we will reach the highest point of the trek.

  • The first night we will spend the night at the house of our horsemen who are joining us on the trip. This is the perfect opportunity to know this little town a little better, as well as its Andean culture.

  • At arrival your tents will be ready and you will receive popcorn, sweets and some hot thee before having dinner.

Transport time: 4 hours
Hiking time: 4 hours
Climate during the day: Warm
Climate during the night: Cold

The art of Andean textiles
The local tradition of weaving textiles in the Andes dates from ages ago. Numerous indigenous communities in the region, like the Huacawasi have preserved their knowledge and techniques of weaving textiles, as well as their ancient fashion. The weaving is done in a traditional way, using a weaving tool, consisting in 2 bars with a a weaving thread in between. The local people take the wool from the lama's to make their traditional cloting with. The woolfirst is first spun and then colored with natural materials such as flowers. Every community is distinguished by its proper colors and drawings, representing the daily activities of the local communities.
We will spend the afternoon accompanied by the local women of the community, which will teach us the secrets of the weaving, from the shaving of the lama's until the fashionable clothes. This will be the perfect opportunity to buy a local, craft-made souvenir from your trip to Peru.


Day 2: Huacawasi – Sondor – Paso Sacsayllame – Aruray Cocha – Yurak Cocha – Miski Unu

  • Early in the morning we will be welcomed by local children in traditional clothing, on their way to school.

  • After a nutritious breakfast we will start hiking towards the highest point, the pass of Sacsayllame at 4400 m. or 14435 feet. The hike will take about 4 hours and will be very steep uphill. Of course an emergency horse will accompany us so that everyone will certainly be able to reach the top. During this trek you will be able to enjoy enormous mountains, a patchwork of agricultural lands and breathtaking views. Be aware that we will reach great heights and the weather can be very cold.

  • After reaching the highest point we will descend and pass a beautiful lagoon before having lunch next to the river. You will be able to recuperate while our cooks prepare a delicious lunch for you.

  • Next we will descend further through a forest where you will be able to enjoy the "Queuñas" (Polylepis), a typical three from Peru. This walk will take about 1 hour before reaching our campsite at Miski Unu (3550 m / 11646 f).

  • A wonderful place in the middle of nowhere where you will receive hot thee and some snacks upon arrival before having dinner.

Hiking time: 7 hours
Climate during day/night: Cold


Day 3: Miski Unu – Queshuarchalloc - OllantaytamboMachu Picchu Town

  • Today will be another spectacular day when walking downhill through different forests. You will be able to enjoy the rich biodiversity and change of fauna and flora during this 3 hour walk that will end in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Watch out, when walking in the forest there are lots of mosquitos.

  • We will enjoy our last lunch in Queshuarchalloc where we will say goodbye to the Horsemen and cooks.

  • After lunch we will take a local bus to get to Ollantaytambo. We will visit the beautiful town of Ollantaytambo before having dinner at a local restaurant.

  • At 7 pm we will take the train to reach our final destination of the day Machu Picchu Town (Aguas Calientes) where we will spend the night in a hostal or hotel.

Hiking time: 4 hours
Time: half an hour
Climate: Warm


Day 4: Machu PicchuCuzco

  • We will leave our hotel after breakfast at 5:30 am and head for Machu Picchu Inca City (2400 m / 7874 f) by tourist bus.

  • We will arrive at the citadel around 6:00 am. After a guided tour around the archaeological site, including information about life and culture of the Incas, you will have enough time to enjoy Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu (2750 m / 9022 f) on your own.

  • We will leave Machu Picchu Town by train either at 2:55 pm or at 6:10 pm. Until then, you will have time to have lunch in one of the nice restaurants. Moreover, you can visit the hot springs in Machu Picchu Town to relax a bit.

  • Arrival to Ollantaytambo train station and bus transfer to Cuzco City


Climate: moderate warm



• Small backpack with rain shelter (30 or 40 litters is well enough).
• Clothing for warm and cold climate like a waterproof jacket.
• Trekking shoes.
• Slippers or sandals (for showers and hot springs).
• Woolen or synthetic socks and a sweater.
• Long- and short-sleeved polo’s/T-shirts.
• Rain poncho and a hat.
• Bathing suit (for the hot springs in Machu Picchu Town).
• Sunscreen
• Insect repellent
• Disinfecting alcohol and gel and toilet paper.
• Camera (wrapped in plastic bag), a flash light and batteries.
• Some snacks like chocolate bars and dry fruit.
• Original passport, original ISIC student card (In case you are student) and extra money in soles.

Lares Trek to Machu Picchu (Play Video)

The program does not includes

  • Flight Tickets and airport taxes

  • Entrance fee to Huayna Picchu (US $ 12)

  • Personnel porter (US $ 130 for 4 days - Maximun 10 Kilos)

  • Tips for guides and staff members.

  • Sleeping bag (if you don’t have a sleeping bag there is the possibility of renting one for $ 28.00, 4 days)

  • Services not mentioned in the program

Rates 2019 - Rates per person in US Dollar

Lares Trek

2 - 9 passengers

1 passenger

Standard Class
2* Hotel / Hostal in Machu Picchu
Inca House / Inca Wonder / Hostal El Puma

$ 600

$ 623

Plus Class
3* Hotel / Hostal in Machu Picchu
Pachacuteq / Inka Wayna / Wiracocha

$ 663

$ 686


Reservations for Lares Trek is recommended to be performed at 2 months in advance


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