Lima, Nazca and Cuzco (1 Day / 1 Night)

Lima Nazca and Cuzco Tour Package

On the vast desert etched with enigmatic figures were hard to see, the Nazca Lines.

Nazca lines, or geoglyphs, are massive mysterious drawings on the desert plateaus of Peru that have been talked about since the 1920s when airplanes began to fly between Lima and the southern Peruvian city of Arequipa.

The geoglyphs are diverse, from trapezoids, rectangles and triangles among other geometrical figures until naturalist and abstract such as hands and spirals, going through animals, humans and plants. The Nazca Lines was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO (1994).


Nazca Vacation Package - The tour package includes:

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Bus tickets Lima / Nazca / Cuzco with Cruz del Sur (or Cuzco / Nazca / Lima)

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Transfer in/out in Nazca City

Peru Tours & Vacation Packages

Day use hotel Nazca Oasis in Nazca City

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Overflight Nazca Lines (30 minutes) from Nazca - the 12 most representative geoglyphs

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Excursion to Cahuachi and buggies

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English and Spanish speaking guide.

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Taxes and hotel services

AXA Travel Assistant

Optional AXA Travel Assistant

Itinerary - Lima, Nazca and Cuzco (1 day / 1 night)

Daily departures


Day 1: Lima / Nazca

  • 03:45 Bus departure from Lima to Nazca - Cruz del Sur

  • 11:45 Arrival to Nazca City and transfer to Hotel Nazca Oasis

  • Free time for lunch

  • Transfer to Nazca Airfield

  • Overflight Nazca Lines (30 minutes) - the 12 most representative geoglyphs

  • 14:30 Excursion to Cahuachi archaeological place in buggies, on route visit to Achaco and Ocangalla aqueducts.

  • Return to Nazca City and transfer to Hotel Nazca Oasis

  • Transfer to Nazca bus station

  • 20:50 Bus departure from Nazca to Cuzco


Day 2: Nazca / Cuzco

  • 11:00 Arrival to Cuzco City


For route Cuzco / Nazca / Lima

  • Bus departure from Cuzco to Nazca 18:00 - Arrival to Nazca 08:00

  • Bus departure from Nazca to Lima 16:30 - Arrival to Lima 00:00



  • All flights are subject to weather conditions or airspace permission.

  • Fly the 12 most representative geoglyphs of Nazca Lines.

  • Flights from 8:00 am. until 4:30 pm. from Nazca (subject to weather conditions and timetables established by the DGAC).

  • Passengers are given a certificate for having made the circuit.


The program does not includes

  • Tips for guides and staff members.

  • Services not mentioned in the program

Rates 2019 - Rates per person in US Dollar



Lima - Nazca - Cuzco

$ 265

Cuzco - Nazca - Lima

$ 265


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